About Us

FABS - Food And Beverage Services (International) is a
part of of Unilak Group of Companies.

FABS Products:
FABS is a brand of high quality food and beverages developed with
the ultimate goal of providing  quality food & beverages to the
world wide population for affordable prices. We join hands with
companies around the world to achieve this goal.

FABS franchise:
We work with companies and individuals for mutual benefit.There
are number of franchise options to select from. Please see FABS
Services to find these options.

FABS Importer/ Distributor/ Retailer:
We invite potential companies to contact us to become an importer,
whole-seller, Distributor or a retailer of FABS product range.
Contact Us
Email: sales@fabs-world.net
    Tel:   +44(0)1212860860
   Skype: Fabs World